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About the campaign

The #RacismNotWelcome campaign is a community-led, grassroots initiative intended to acknowledge the existence of racism, validate people’s lived experiences with racism and normalise conversations about racism whilst igniting change.

The Inner West Multicultural Network decided that more needed to be done to provide a safe platform for people to speak out, to normalise discussion about racism at a community level and to help communities fight racism together.


A letter from Craig Foster to the CEO of Seven Media calling for action against racism – join him in taking action!

Letter to SevenWestMediaCEO

Join Us

What can I do?

As a Member of the Community

Come together and take a stand against racism.

As a Councillor

Stand up for your community and use your position to instigate change.

As a Member of a Group/ Organisation

Support your members and your community in taking a stand against racism.

Together we stand

Stories From Our Community


We would love to hear and share your stories and testimonials about your experiences with racism. It is time that these conversations start to happen and that this data is collected in order for real change to happen. This is entirely voluntary and is only encouraged if you feel safe and comfortable to share your story.

The ideal format would be a short (2 mins or less) video or audio recording. However if you are not comfortable with that please send your testimonial in text format.

You can email your stories with attachments to : share@racismnotwelcome.com

Or use the form below to upload your audio/video file


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Full of pride today for these guys and the rest of the team and the much needed feeling of unity after such a difficult 18 months in a pandemic, but also heartbroken and gutted upon learning that these guys are experiencing such a frightening backlash of racism… 😔 I’ve followed all their Insta accounts today to show support…. bukayosaka87
#showthelove #racismnotwelcome #endracism

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So proud of our local council 💪🏻#racismnotwelcome ...

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Loving the new neighbourhood signage #racismnotwelcome ...

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Newtown 💙💯 #racismnotwelcome ...

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#RacismNotWelcome is a grass roots, community movement to normalise discussion about the racism too many Australians experience every day, and to encourage learning about institutional racism, historic barriers and lived experiences

To provide visibility to unheard voices, hear from experts, acknowledge the truth, commit to change

An important element is these street signs for every Local Council across Australia

We’re not just talking inclusion or diversity which, as important as they are, can become tools to avoid the underlying reality of racial discrimination, but attacking racism itself by listening, hearing, learning, acknowledging, changing

innerwestcouncil and waverleycouncil have led the way, more to follow & info at addiroad


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Join in to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination this coming Sunday 21 March at Gumbramorra Hall, Marrickville. Free and open to the public, this "action-celebration" includes food, music, performances, an open mic and yarn circle.

More details here: http://ow.ly/xcZu50E2TWv

#InternationaldayofEliminationofRacialDiscrimination HarmonyDay_AU #EndRacism #Together4RacialJustice #StandUpToRacism #TogetherAgainstRacism #FightRacism #WeChallengeRacism #recnsw2021 #reconciliation #racismNOTwelcome

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